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7 reaSONs to choose us
1.  360° Strategic and Tactical Boost
When you are busy running up your company, you and your team do not necessarily have time to define or redefine your strategy. It is nevertheless crucial for your sustainable success.

We are here to listen, understand, think, be creative, clarify the most relevant objectives with you and generate the right development strategy and tactics for your company. To avoid being trapped by disruptive competitive offers, the business strategy needs to be sharp.
2. Sales analysis & forecast
Through the sales analysis, we help you to get a clearer understanding of the current situation, outlining the trends. We bring to light the gaps between the objectives and the reality while extracting the most relevant guidance.

We go beyond the analysis and proceed to a forecast while taking into consideration your goals, the market opportunities and threats. We also work on building a meaningful dashboard enabling you to follow up the key performance indicators (KPI) to constantly make sure you are on the right path of growth.
3. Digital Transformation
The world digitization is a real revolution whose exponential impact is more and more strategic. Beyond the competitiveness’ pressure, digitization is both a question of survival and a fantastic source of opportunities that your company should seize.

Do not let IoT (Internet of Things), AI marketing (Artificial Intelligence based marketing), Big data & deep learning impress you. We help you better understand the current and future consequences on your business activity and put in place a digital transformation action plan to optimize your value proposition, minimize the risks and boost your growth sustainably.
4. Digital Marketing
In a more and more competitive world, where disruptive solutions emerge regularly, being visible is more than ever strategic, if not vital. Not being visible means no steady business development.

Based on solid digital audits including competitive benchmarks, we optimize your digital marketing strategy to empower your online proactiveness and increase your visibility in the most relevant way. We work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be better ranked in your targeted segment and geographic area. We are also very sensitive to the UI (User interface), UX (User experience) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) as we believe it actively contributes to your values and to a powerful branding.
5. Market survey
This is a “must do” when launching a new business or a new product, expanding internationally, exploring new potential areas of growth, considering to increase your competitiveness. AXYNEO’s team carries out state-of-the-art market surveys, that will give you a clear visibility on the market entry and the growth path.
6. International sales development
International is in our ADN. We are international, we think globally. Even local players are impacted by the world activity. Your company desires to expand internationally find the right partners, increase sales efficiently ? Having an experience of sales, distributorship agreements, distribution networks in more than 30 countries, we help you succeed with very concrete steps.
7. The French market and beyond
You have a great product or service. You succeeded to market it domestically and now plan to export it to France ? Welcome ! We are here to help you at any stage of your development, be it to explain, analyze the market, to canvass. You want to set up a French subsidiary ? We proceed to all necessary steps for you, including running it according to the most relevant strategy.

You want to go beyond ? France is opening the doors to the European market, and we are here to help you grab it successfully.