WE help founders
Our method:
SOME Crossfit between the Lean Startup approach, the agile methods and a multi-segment field experience
Growth is our objective to contribute to the success of founders we enthusiastically accompany.
We embrace the Lean Startup approach, which we complete with timeless international business development classics. We structure them with up-to-date methods of the Boston University's Questrom School of Business, of the MIT and the Harvard Business School.
Our vision is strategic, tactic, local and global at the same time. We pay a great attention to digitalization. Overall, our actions are enriched with a lot of common sense.
Our advantages
a field experience
Before helping companies to develop their sales and increase their profit, our team acquired a wide and deep experience on the field, from guerrilla marketing to cross country strategy definition & real implementation.
We set up representative offices and subsidiaries abroad while developing distribution networks on 4 continents : Europe, Asia, Oceania, America. We participated to governmental and private bids generating multi-million dollars’ businesses.

Axyneo’s team has an expertise in international sales & marketing strategy, including cross-cultural team management. We are synergies leaders.

Although we have an affinity for the IT / IoT and the F&B fields, we acquired an extensive experience in a wide range of industries & segments.
Our values
Pioneering Growth with
Enthusiasm, EssentialiSM, and Efficiency
We share a lot of enthusiasm for your business & show a high level of understanding, itself generating inspiration.
We analyze the essential to focus on what really matters. We develop a strategy to drive positive impacts that are coherent on a long term basis.
Inspired by the Lean startup approach and Agile methods, we efficiently contribute to your success and the maximization of your Return on Investment.