7 reasons to choose us
1. Strategic vision & Business Model
More than a Business Plan, the Business model is an essential element of your Startup. Without any deep thinking about this topic, no success ongoing. Therefore, we attentively analyze your team project, we carefully listen to you, and we help you define the most meaningful business model and strategy to be both profitable and scalable.
2. Lean Startup
The lean approach is very pragmatic and full of common sense. We therefore constantly use it complementary to agile methods to save you a precious time, especially during the pre-return and early stages.
3. Ideation / MVP
Willing to create a startup ? To extend your scope ? We help you in the brainstorming process which requires experience, know-how, creativity and ... a good pinch of fun. Then we guide you through the MVP building, as well as its preceding targeted market survey and demand validation.
4. Growth hacking
Growth is the sinews of war for all ambitious startup. We enable you to leverage on marketing tools, including digital ones, to foster a significant growth. Together with a good market fit, this growth will enable you to pretend to a fund-raising, accelerating the dynamic.
5.  Partnerships
We identify, contact and convince the most relevant partners to promote synergies and boost your startup growth.
6. Iterations & Pivots
In order to grow, it is mandatory to find the best market fit. This means constant iterations and, if need be, a  pivot leading to a smart and efficient transformation of business models. We will also take startups solutions' UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) into consideration.
7. Internationalization
Going global requires a specific know-how. Thanks to an extensive international experience in multiple industries and segments, we clarify, adapt, help localization and activate  partnerships to sharply increase your success and make your startup grow.